Waste Management Services


Zoomlion Ghana Limited is in charge of managing solid waste at all public places in the Municipality.

Solid Waste (Door- to- Door) Services

  1. Register with Zoomlion company Limited
  2. Timetable for collection of waste would be made within five (5) working days to the customer upon registration.
  3. The company is responsible for the provision of appropriate refuse container(s) for the storage of solid waste.
  4. The customer is to pay a monthly fee to the Waste Collection Company as may be determined

Solid Waste (Roll on bins and Skip Bins) Community Services

  1. Skip bins shall be provided by the Zoomlion company at designated point in the community determined by the Assembly.
  2. The bins shall be lifted on regular basis to avoid spillage
  3. No container shall be allowed to spill over for a day without lifting it and the place cleared of all refuse.
  4. Every skip bin shall be properly covered to avoid spread of the refuse in the community and along the road when in transit to the final disposal site.

Additional Responsibility of Zoomlion Company limited.

  1. Sweep all the streets daily in the Hohoe Township and collect all refuse on the streets for proper disposal.
  2. Desilt all drains in the Hohoe township.
  3. Carry out spraying of all mosquito and fly breeding places at least once a month.
  4. Regular spraying of the final solid waste disposal site.
  5. Grade and cover with sand/gavel the final solid waste disposal site every quarter.
  6. Regular spraying of all sanitary sites including public latrines and refuse dumps in the communities within the municipality