Environmental Health Services

Create Database

Creating and maintaining a database on all premises and facilities of environmental importance in the municipality.

Inspect All Premises

Inspect all premises to identify their state of sanitation and public health e.g. Domiciliary, Health care, Industries, Hospitality facilities, Schools, Shops etc. to ascertain as to their state of sanitation & hygiene and take all necessary actions for their remedy.

Monitor the Environment

  1. Monitor environmental sanitation facilities and activities.
  2. Compilation and reporting of problems requiring inter-sectorial collaboration.
  3. Management of environmental sanitation complaints.
  4. Provide health education and promotion on appropriate environmental health issues.
  5. Educate the public on safe and hygienic waste disposal methods, practices, and technologies.
  6. Educate the public on safe keeping animals and control the straying of domestic animals.

Food Hygiene

  1. Cop bar/Restaurant inspection.
  2. Meat inspection.
  3. Inspection of drinking bars.
  4. Inspection of purified water-producing factories.
  5. Regular inspection of the slaughterhouse to ensure the meat is handled under hygienic conditions in the market.
  6. Regular meat inspection to ensure the public consumes wholesome meat.
  7. Inspection of Food/Drink premise to ensure food/drink for public consumption is prepared and sold under hygienic conditions.

Premises Inspection

  1. Inspection of Private premises.
  2. Guest Houses / Hostel premises inspection.
  3. Inspection of factories.
  4. Prevent mosquito and houseflies breeding as well as vectors of public health importance.
  5. Supervise work by solid waste management companies in the municipality.

Market Inspection

  1. Conduct regular market inspection to ensure good sanitation and personal/food hygiene is practiced in the market.
  2. Ensure all food vendors operating in the market are medically screened.
  3. Ensure regular cleaning of the market

Sanitary Complaints from the Public

  1. All complaints by the public shall be registered with the particulars of the complainant well documented.
  2. All complaints shall be attended to within 24 hours to 5 Working days.
  3. The identity of the complainant shall be protected.

Acquisition Of Food Vendors/Handlers Certificate

The Ho Municipal Assembly (Control of Restaurant and Eating-Houses) By-Laws, requires any person wishing to operate a restaurant or eating house or anyone who engage in the preparation, handling or serving prepared food in any Restaurant or eating house to be medically certified as free from any communicable disease and renew such certification as directed by appropriate medical authority.

Who can apply? All individuals or organizations wishing to operate, handle, serve or sell food within the Municipality.

How to apply

  1. Purchase a medical form from the Environmental Health Officer at the Assembly’s Old Site.
  2. Submit the medical form to a medical laboratory facility assigned for that matter for medical examination the same day.
  3.  The form will be given to you with the result and two (2) passport-size pictures to the Municipal Environmental Health Officer.
  4.  When found to be medically fit to handle, prepare, serve or sell food, the certificate is issued accordingly.

Please Note:

The fee charged by the Assembly for issuance of Food Vendors/Handlers Certificate is subject to change and regulated by Fee Fixing Resolution adopted by the General Assembly annually.

Licensing Of Hospitality Facility/Premises

Owners, managers or operators of Motel, Guest House, Hostel, Restaurant and Eating-houses are required to acquire Environmental Sanitation Inspection Certification from the Assembly on the suitability of their facility or premises for the intended purpose and renew same annually.

Who can apply?

All individuals or organizations operating or wishing to operate a Hotel, Motel, Hostel, Restaurant, or Eating-House within the Municipality.

How to Apply

  1. Purchase an application form from Revenue Office at the main office.
  2. Submit the completed application form to the Municipal Environmental Health Officer at the old assembly site


  1. Must have registered with the Registrar General’s Department and have been issued with a certificate of incorporation/certificate to commence Business.
  2. Introductory letter from Ghana Tourist Authority.
  3. Evidence of medically certified attendants to operate in the hospitality facility.

Processing Procedure

  1. Officers from the Environmental and Health Unit inspect Applicant’s premises and submit reports on findings within three (3) working days of submissions of the application form.
  2. Municipal Environmental and Public Health Officer issue a certificate of suitability to the applicant for the attention of the Ghana Tourism Authority within ten (10) working days after the inspection.
  3. The applicant is informed to contact the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) for his/her license after the issuance of the Health Inspection Certificate.
  4. The Municipality Environmental Health Officer upon approval by Ghana Tourism Authority recommends the Applicant to the Assembly for registration and issuance of a Business Operating Permit (BOP) at an approved fee.

Please Note:

The fee charged by the Assembly depends on the type, size, and location of the business. Fees are subject to change and regulated by fee fixing resolution adopted by the Assembly annually.