Social Services

Disability Fund

What is disability fund?
This is two percent (2%) of the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) allocated to Persons with Disability in the Municipality. For the effective utilization of the fund, a Municipal Fund Management Committee is put in place to oversee the disbursement and utilization of the fund to the PWDs.

Who qualifies to access the disability fund?

  1. Visually impaired
  2. Hearing and speech impaired
  3. Physically challenged
  4. Multiple Disabled people

How to access the fund?

  1. A person with a disability applies to the Municipal Chief Executive stating all necessary details.
  2. The applications are referred to the Fund Management Committee.
  3. The committee meets and sorts the applicants within seven (7) working days.
  4. Applicants are interviewed or talked to within fourteen (14) working days.
  5. After satisfaction with the authenticity of applicants as persons with disabilities, the applications are reviewed and approved.
  6. A report is written by the committee stating the names, type of disability, applicant’s profession, amount requested, the urgency of the applicant’s need, age, and sex of the applicant.

The reports are submitted to the Municipal Chief Executive and the Internal Audit Unit and upon satisfaction; a P.V. is prepared with the names of the approved individuals. Beneficiaries are invited to the Assembly by the committee within one month for payment with their identification cards. Balance of unpaid sums is kept with the Assembly for continuous payment to those beneficiaries who could not make it earlier. The Management Committee from time to time checks on the payees.

All payments are made in cash.